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Would you like to learn how to locate constellations? 

StarPanel is a project with an educational purpose. A trasparent Led Panel makes easier to identify constellations and the main celestial bodies. You have to look at the sky and prospectively superimpose StarPanel to the visible stars to understand how the constellations are drawn. Each StarPanel also lists the names of the main stars and the location of some deep-sky objects that can be observed by binoculars or telescopes when detected.

You can choose from 3 StarPanel models:

Plastic sheet: the simplest and most economical solution. LED lighting is not included. It can be backlit with a small torch, or smartphone flash. Flexible and slim as a sheet of paper.

Plexiglass plate: this type of StarPanel is made of rigid plexiglass, thick 3 mm thick. This allows for optimum backlighting, and more convenient handling. Available with or without LED lighting.

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